Meet Us

Our Mission

The mural factory is originated from Pakistan and currently running in Pakistan. It was started in 2014 with the perspective of reshaping Pakistan surroundings by its aesthetic sense and continues to improve the overall representation our country. We made contribution to transform the conventional image of Pakistan by reaching advancement in country’s infrastructures to radiate our cultural positivity into the world.

Our Inspiration

We have come up with the intention of starting this business with the inspiration taken from renowned magnum opus “Sistine Chapel” produced by Michealangelo the best mural of all times. This mural hook our attention and compelled us to produce some fantastic ones in our country which can define our history and culture to the future generations and enhance our country’s representation.

Revival of history

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Above proverb clearly defines that picture communicate better than words that is why early civilizations chose this mean to convey their messages and built networks as well as they had left their trace in the world. We have taken the first step to migrate Pakistan from generic style infrastructure to advance level change that all developed countries are following to walk shoulder by shoulder with them.

Our community

Our journey started in 2014 since then we are continuously growing our community and trying to reach every corner of Pakistan to make a difference